All parents sooner or later ask us: "Can the teacher come for me too?" Finally, it's possible! 
The time has come to offer you the chance to book both individual and family sessions, suitable for all skill levels and ages.You can participate on an ad hoc or weekly basis, although we always recommend a program of at least 12 meetings, each lasting an hour and a half, to see rapid results.

A comprehensive book that covers all aspects of English grammar and contains articles on contemporary topics such as art, politics, and travel, accompanied by a cheerful MyTata teacher who will assist you in completing the exercises and expressing yourself more fluently in their language, all while having fun... This is the program for those of you determined to learn English properly this time.

Choose a meal or a dessert to cook with one of our teachers. Pancakes, cupcakes, cheesecake, brunch, or even macaroni and cheese. Choose one of our MyTata teacher's favorite dishes to learn side-by-side both English and their family’s culinary secrets.

Yoga and origami to relax and learn animal names in English... a moment of relaxation for two or more family members who can immerse themselves in the art of origami after a short yoga session... in English!

A simple stroll to practice English while getting ice cream, taking a walk (or a run) in the park, or grabbing a coffee. An hour and a half of pure conversation in a location outside of your home that will help you unlock the passive knowledge you have accumulated for years (or that you accumulated years ago).

Learn English in 6 months. Conversations, interview simulations, meetings, and projects designed, created, and presented in English. Train yourself to face the professional world in another language. Our MyTata teachers are ready to help you tackle the challenge, so write to us to receive a personalized program.