English and

For children ages 3-9 years.
Beginner/Intermediate:for new LaBox participants
Advanced: for those who have already participated in at least 14 LaBox meetings

Home workshops allow us to focus on children individually or on a small group of friends who have compatible but not necessarily equivalent levels, ages and interests. The intimacy of the meetings, the familiarity of the place and the privileged relationship with the teacher often help to make important progress in a limited time.

Ideal for starting to learn English, this workshop allows each child to approach the language in their own way. You can customize and choose the most suitable version of LaBox for one or more children. Only one rule: the trainer will speak only and exclusively in English with both children and parents. Otherwise, it's all fun! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Carnival, Mother's Day and Father's Day... there are many opportunities that babysitters have to celebrate traditionally important days in American and English culture in English. And when we're not celebrating, we have sleepovers, pancakes, trips to the library and all kinds of games. Everything to make children love English through celebrations, manual jobs, games and songs that guarantee children unforgettable memories, with their first teacher.

Language objectives to be achieved by the end of the year:to know and feel comfortable with both the meaning and pronunciation of colors, numbers, letters, feelings, select key words, and short phrases in English. To know how to say learned words and phrases in a spontaneous and natural way, and to be able to confidently respond to simple questions about their preferences, traits, and mood.

Children who have already completed at least one session of 14 workshops with us can book this second version of LaBox where we talk about mythology and heroes and where we start reading.
The teachers together with the children will travel with Pegasus, in search of the golden fleece following the expedition of the Argonauts or will try to help Ariadne with her lover to defeat the Minotaur. Greek mythology is in fact the basis and guideline of the stories and activities structured to achieve our linguistic goals while making children dream… in English!

Language objectives to be achieved by the end of the year:enriched vocabulary, mastery of the present tense, interrogative and negative sentences, introduction to the future tense and past tenses, major improvement in English language comprehension and expression and greater self-confidence, and introduction to reading books in English.