In our association, teens play a key role as they serve as role models for younger children and a valuable resource for the MyTata teachers. The themes of the labs exclusively reserved for teens—both collective and private —are chosen by the teachers and teens together. These may vary from topics that are fundamental to the teens’ generation, such as preservation of the environment and planet and comprehension of popular ¬music and TV series in the original language as well as critical analyses, to more classic forms of self-expression and originality, such as art, literature, and, like the other age groups, mythology.
All meeting formats for teens include a dedicated grammar component, which takes a quarter of the meeting time. The encounters are organized in cycles of 12 weekly meetings,and by participating consistently, noticeable progress in language proficiency can be achieved. It is also possible to attend the labs on an ad hoc basis.

Making pancakes with the young American women, having popcorn, watching movies, having pajama parties with friends, or organizing a real Halloween party—it's all doable with our native English-speaking young women who oversee these experiences. In fact, it's possible to join a "MyLife in English" course with older students, consisting of 12 encounters that include both the celebration of important holidays and the organization of outings, cooking, and other experiences that allow teens to have fun and discover a new culture while learning English. The fifteen minutes of grammar is always done at the beginning of the meeting, but for the rest, everything is done in English. Conversation hours can be added after private labs, or labs can be booked on an ad hoc basis. They can involve one to five students and aim to improve both self-confidence in expressing themselves in English and grammatical proficiency. The challenge for the native English-speaking young women, who are often only slightly older than the students, is to inspire them and to spark their genuine interest in the discussed topics, analyzed works, planned activities, and games. Then, having participated not only in the execution but also in the planning and selection of each activity, the students willingly engage.

MyTata’s collective labs have always been very successful with teens because, even though they are educational, they bear little resemblance to conventional classroom settings. We aim to have them express both their ideas and their feelings while having fun in English. The fifteen minutes of grammar is seen as the initial challenge of the lab, which then gives way to creativity, socialization, and fun. Their involvement in the association’s events and parties, in collaboration with MyTata’s native English-speaking teachers, has always inspired them to learn much more English than they would in traditional lessons.