Sensory Labs

Our teachers entertaine children in English by teaching them the language while they play, regardless of their level of language use.
Fun is the driving force behind our activities,as we firmly believe that it is the primary tool to engage young people and children and achieve our language goals. The chosen themes range from expressing their own perceptions and emotions to topics about the environment, recycling, and respect for the planet, delving into the magical stories of Greek mythology, which we have chosen as a guiding path for most of our labs.
The sessions are organized into 14 weekly meetingsand by following them in their entirety, noticeable results can be achieved.

Our labs introduce children to English by engaging all five senses. In each session, we will provide sensory activities designed to be so fun and engaging that children will forget the language they are accustomed to and instinctively use the one they need. Through games, crafts, songs, and collective projects, they will learn phrases related to nature (animals, plants, and the human body), as well as their feelings and needs (moods, food, important phrases). Not only will their language comprehension improve, but they will also start expressing themselves in English out of necessity: the games are designed to help them overcome the fear of producing these new, strange, and unfamiliar sounds.

Language objectives to be achieved by the end of the year:to know and feel comfortable with both the meaning and pronunciation of colors, numbers, letters, select words, and short phrases in English, and to know how to respond to simple questions about their preferences and mood.

We have chosen the stories of Greek mythology to encourage children in this age group to express themselves in English. The thread of Ariadne, the story of Pegasus, the twelve labors of Hercules, the expedition of the Argonauts, and many other stories have allowed us to structure our artistic activities, theater, treasure hunts, and other language experiences around these magical tales that will never stop delighting children. Harnessing the children's enthusiasm and the authenticity of the works, we try to help them express their feelings and originality... in English!

Language objectives to be achieved by the end of the year:enriched vocabulary, mastery of the present tense, interrogative and negative sentences, introduction to the future tense, and major improvement in comprehension and expression of the English language.

Just like with other age groups, we will seek to inspire pre-teens with stories full of the adventure, magic, and wisdom of Greek mythology. Projects for this age group will be longer and more comprehensive, such as the creation of an exhibit, a film, or a theatrical production fully conceived, designed, and developed by the participants. At this age, some grammar exercises will also be introduced, but they will be relatively fewer in comparison to the other activities.

Language objectives to be achieved by the end of the year:enriched vocabulary, mastery of the present and future tenses, introduction to past tenses, major improvement in English language comprehension, and greater self-confidence in using the language.